SimpleWebConf 2021

A conference celebrating web development made simple, from side project to enterprise!

24-25 June, 2021 - online - free

Workshops will be held online, 22-23 June


SimpleWebConf is a conference centered around the web ecosystem and its developers. For this we have selected 4 main themes. And if you have questions or remarks, feel free to contact us!


Building future proof with Web Components & Libraries

Web Applications

PWAs, Service Workers, Mobile, Micro FrontEnds, Architecture

Developer tools

Tooling, Typing, IDEs, Plugins

Build & Deploy

Buildless, CI/CD, Bundleless, DevOpsless


A modern web setup for static sites with a sprinkle of JavaScript

Thomas	Allmer image
Thomas Allmer, founder of open-wc and Modern Web

Build your own PWA with Lit, Spring Boot, and Vaadin Fusion

Jean-Christophe Gueriaud, Vaadin, Consultant
Thomas	Allmer image
Marcus Hellberg, Head of Community at Vaadin

Build, deploy and audit a serverless PWA with Azure Static Web Apps

Yohan Lasorsa
Yohan Lasorsa Fullstack engineer & cloud advocate @ Microsoft

Stay tuned! More talks will be announced soon!

Meet the team

julien's profile photo

Julien Lengrand-Lambert

Tech Community Builder

Community Builder and Lead developer. I create 'islands' where engineers are the heroes

mikhail's profile photo

Mikhail Kuznetcov

IT Chapter Lead

Software engineer, teacher, team lead. Software architecture professional, events organiser

alex's profile photo

Alex Korzhikov

Software Engineer

Team lead, instructor, speaker, mentor, and author of technical materials

Selection committee

Our team who will select the talks
margarita's profile photo

Margarita Roi

Freelance developer, teacher
Natalie's profile photo

Natalie Fruitema

Enthusiastic Front-end developer @ING
Frank's profile photo

Frank Wijmans

Consumer Engineer at Touchpoint ING

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The conference in facts

1 Talks
1 workshops
1 days

Sharing your knowledge

Do you have a story to tell, from your daily work or maybe even from a side-project, submit your abstract and come inspire us on stage!

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Call for papers closes 25 May 2021